Working Groups

Working Groups

Working groups are very important for non-governmental organizations to operate. Working groups organized in a systematic and orderly way are very important for the health of the activities. Working groups are also the cornerstone of a well-planned projection of the future. We will examine our working groups by title in the rest of our article. Our “Working Groups” within EAGD should not be seen as separate from our EAGD Mission and EAGD Vision. Our working groups are also one of the areas where our mission and vision correspond.

The Electronic Waste Recycling Support Association continues its activities under five main headings:

Eski elektronik eşyalarınızı geri dönüştürmek mi istiyorsunuz?

Regulations and Measures

Regulations and Measures are very important in terms of future projection. Regulations and Measures briefly analyzing existing approaches and measures to advance future developments and formulate recommendations. In order to advance future developments and formulate recommendations, it is absolutely necessary to analyze the existing approaches and measures well. It is not possible to trigger future axioms without solving today's dynamics well.


Redesign is an integral part of recycling. We can look at the issue of redesign in electronic waste from two different perspectives. The first point of view is to reuse electronic wastes by performing necessary hardware and software repairs. This is a kind of redesign. Another redesign perspective is to get the materials in the electronic waste recycling chain in different formats and make them usable. Supporting the design for more efficient recycling, reuse and repair is a prerequisite.


Sustainability is the production method desired by societies in the world, especially in energy. The fact that a raw material can be evaluated only once means a process with a very negative tendency in today's conditions. Sources such as wind and solar energy regularly and without harmful output constitute sustainable energy sources. So far, we have touched on the energy part of reuse. There is also the part of production outputs. Manufactured materials must be suitable for reuse. Reuse means creating a sustainable reuse system to minimize environmental impacts.


The three topics above are necessary for the construction of the recycling cycle. Making efforts to increase global infrastructures for sustainable recycling systems is critical for the construction of the recycling process.

Capacity Increase

The purpose of this title is to be globally accessible by recording and supporting all the works in other titles and to carry out studies that increase social awareness.