PC Labs to village schools

We cooperate with recycling companies and get your old electronics picked up from your adress , in return building PC labs to village schools. Considering other equipments ( PC’s , projectors , printers etc.. ) we deliver to recycling companies and get PC’s to be delivered to villlage schools. with the help of our donator panel you can monitor how & where your donations have been delivered. After creating your donation request , our collegues will call you , confirm pick up date and inform how many pc’s can be donated regarding to your donation.


Digital divide is one of the biggest problems of this century. Despite of being in information century houses without internet connection and pc are much more then expected. Especially during pandemic remote learning will effect thouands of students negatively. We were aware of this problem since 2012 and started PC labs to village schools project immediately.

Thanks to our project which has won many prizes , we directed old electronics to recycling via recycling companies or repaired and delivered to schools.


Process can be summerised like this ; first we register old electronics you donate to our inventory , then tested and repaired by our volunteers. For the ones that can be repaired , we deliver to village schools. for others we deliver to recycling companies and get an IT equipment ( PC ,monitor , keyboard , mouse etc.. ) that can be used in schools.

Till today with your suppports , we were able to built 18 PC labs  with 10 PC’s each. 


With your support , we are targeting 100 PC labs !!!

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Köy Okullarına Bilgisayar Projesi

Çalışan, çalışmayan bilgisayar ve bilgisayar parçalarınızı, yazıcı, tarayıcı, monitör, tablet ve dizüstü bilgisayarlarınızı bize bildirin, anlaşmalı olduğumuz geri dönüşüm firması evinizden alsın, tamir edilebilir parçaları tamir edip ihtiyacı olan köy okullarına gönderelim.

Tamir edilemeyen parçaları ise geri dönüşüme gönderelim. Köy okullarına bilgisayar projesi kapsamında ihtiyacı olan okulları bilgisayarla buluşturmak için aşağıda görebileceğiniz formu doldurmanız yeterli.

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