Our principles

Our principles

What constitutes a person’s or an institution’s stance and reliability in life are the principles they set for themselves. This concept, which is very important, has turned into an idiom in our language over time and has found expression as “having a principle”. As the Association for Supporting the Recycling of Electronic Waste, we bring together the items that we have a principle with, on our “principles” page.

EAGD Principles:

EAGD’s studies are based on scientific evaluations and examine the social, environmental and economic effects of electronic waste.

EAGD manages research across the life cycles of electronic equipment and corresponding resource uses.

EAGD’s research and pilot projects aim to contribute to the solution of the electronic waste problem.

EAGD condemns all illegal practices that are harmful to the environment and human health, such as illegal loading and reuse of electronic waste.

EAGD supports globally safe and environmentally friendly recycling and reuse projects and considers it a part of its social responsibility.

The first item, which we mentioned in our principles section, is very important for the standard of our work. We carry out recycling activities in a technological field. For us, scientific evaluations and analyzes are very important to the core of our work. We can only examine the social, environmental and economic effects of electronic waste in the light of scientific data, and we can organize informing activities by referencing these data.

The second item, which is among the EAGD principles, is again very critical in terms of making sense of the recycling of electronic waste. All types of recycling consist of different phases. All these stages constitute the life cycle of the recycling event.

The main purpose of all our research and pilot projects is to contribute to the solution of the electronic waste problem. Although the projects are aimed at other purposes on their own, such as providing information or bringing computers that do not have a computer together, all of these projects contribute to the recycling of electronic waste. We have to say that it is the assets evaluated in the concept of donation of old electronic goods that enable these projects to be realized.

You can take a look at the other content on our site to have detailed information about our activities at the point of recycling of electronic waste. If you want to ask questions and donate old electronics, contact us.

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