We cooperate with recycling companies and get your old electronics picked up from your adress , in return we deliver LED Lamp as a gift. By using LED Lamp you can save up to 80% and decrease your carbonfootprint & bills. After creating your donation request , our collegues will call you , confirm pick up date and inform how many LED Lamps can be gifted regarding to your donation.

Nowadays we are suffering from effects of global warming and climate change. Floods , storms and famines are forcing us to think and act more about dark reality of climate change. Reason ro ckimate change is heat and heat is mostly kept on earth because of greenhouse gasses . Most and well known one is Co2 , carbon dioxide. Mostly produced while using fossil fuels and this gas is also e reflection of our consuming habits , disposable consuming culture.

Under effect of this culture our lighting equipments also changed by time . halogen lamps ( more energy – less light ) , give their place to fluorescents and energy saving bulbs durinig last 20 years. But they also contain heavy metals like mercury , thats why all needed to be disposed via recycling company. Thanks to technology , we now have LED lamps , which need less energy create less heat and give more light.

LED lighting use less energy comparing to halogens ( 80%) and give more light , so as EAGD we are proud to give all our donators LED lamp saving your money and decreasing carbon footprint

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