Turn your old electronics to social benefit

We receive and repair your old , broken electronics from your adress  , building PC labs , fighting digital divide.


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PC labs to village schools

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lamp gift

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Take action, Get involved, Let’s solve the e-waste problem together.

E-waste is polluting our water, air and soil. We can clean our environment by collecting them and create a social benefit for disadvantaged individuals


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We take action and create a real social impact

We create social benefit for thousands of people, protect human health and environment.


PC labs built


Students benefitted


kg of toxic chemicals disposed


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Analysis and reports of politics and existing approach about used electronical devices and e- waste


Reuse, recycle and repair focused effective new design researches


Infrastructure studies for a sustainable and effective capacity increase including electrical and electronical waste life cycle


Following the innovative research and implementing effective examples in the World constantly progressing and changing


Economically and socially suitable recycling system researches for the improving world

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Who are we?

Welcome to EAGD an initiative, where NGO’s, universities and  environmental volunteers, are coming together to solve the e-waste problem.

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Donators converting their old electronics to social value by us.

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Welcome to EAGD, an initiative where NGO’s, universities and environmental volunteers, are coming together to solve the e-waste problem.

As supporting organisation for e waste recycling we provide service for recycling your e waste via municipalities and authorised recycling companies. For the ones which can be repaired or reused , we turn them to social benefit.

Every year more than 55 million e waste is generated around the world. Considering turkey , its more then 700 K tonnes. E-waste can contain dangerous components since it includes toxic chemicals harmful for human health and environment. Especially batteries including heavy metals , Lamps including mercury , laser cartridges , cooling systems including harmful gases and CRT TV’s must be disposed at authorised recycling facilities.

Recycling rate in turkey is around 5% . In order to increase our recyling to %12 which is world recycling average and add this value to economy , we need to deliver e-waste to recycling companies.in case you inform us , we contact with municipalites and recycling companies and eask them to receive from your adress , free pick up delivery.

For the ones which can be reused or repaired , we pick up from your adress , repair and build PC labs for viillage schools. Except this , you can also use EMPACT app , available on appstore and googleplay , earn discount coupon , LED lamp gift and tree plantation.

Also by downloading EMPACT PRO, you can create your own electronics collection project, ( supporting individuals with autism , feeding street animals etc…) İN order to create your own project , pls fill our contact form and click on ‘want to create my own project’ section

No doubt, all our projects have different positive social goals but we are sensitive and selective for the projects that create social value, decrease carbon emissions and help to save our resources.

As final words, we are working for a world where all e waste is recycled by authorised recycling companies, minimised effect for human health and environment during life cycle and for the repairable goods; reused and turned to social benefit. Asking for your support!