Discount Coupon

Discount Coupon

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We cooperate with recycling companies and get your old electronics picked up from your adress , in return we supply discoun coupon where you can use while buying refurbished and 2. hand goods. After creating your donation request , our collegues will call you , confirm pick up date and inform how much discount can be processed. Discount coupon will be available for purchases that will be made only in 

For many years We have been examining and studying on how e waste is being produced and why it is has the highest increasing rate among other waste types. Dispose culture decreasing our cell phone purchasing period dorn to 6 months , old laptop getting slower with in 2 years and many electronics that we dont use any more , can be history with in a few years.

When we deeply examine the reasons , mostly it seems we throw away because its broken , but actually repairable.  Since repair cost is high and buying a new one is much more easy  , an repairable electronic product can easily be classified as an e waste by its owner , us .

What we notice is  , as a product development phase , planned obsolescence is threatening electronic products life cycle from the beginning and repair culture must be promoted.

Therefore , we started to support our donators who is fighting with e waste , with a discount coupon which can be used in refurbished and 2. hand goods. purchases can only be made from EMPACT online shop via

You also can purchase your electronic needs from adress , use resources more effective , decrase your carbonfootprint and support repair culture.

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