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Eski elektronik eşyalarınızı geri dönüştürmek mi istiyorsunuz?


As an association, our most important mission is to raise awareness of societies. When we read the points pointed out by social science correctly, we see that it is not possible to continue any activity, especially voluntary activities, without a conscious society. From this point of view, perhaps the main point of starting and maintaining the electronic recycling activity is to explain the concept of electronic waste. We are trying to explain these issues in line with our possibilities, with all parts of the society, on the internet, at conferences and events, by making use of both written and visual sources. Our experience in the past years shows that when you put your finger on the right points, positive feedback is definitely received. The biggest mission of associations should be to raise awareness and encourage action. You can follow our work on electronic waste on our website and on our Facebook page.



Recycling of electronic waste can only be a tool. Recycling can never be the goal. The main purpose of all recycling activities is to reach the principle of “Clean Society&Clean Environment”. We, as an association, have intermediate goals on the way to achieving this primary goal. Just as we need panels to benefit from solar energy, in order for us to transfer electronic waste recycling to young generations, people, especially young generations with lack of opportunities, need to be in regular contact with technology for a conscious society. At this point, the computer classes we set up with the opportunities we obtained from the donation of electronic waste and our “Köy Okullarına Bilgisayar” project are an important step for raising conscious young generations. Setting up computer classes in village schools is a very important part of both the recovery of workable technology and the vision of raising awareness. It is also one of the remarkable signs in terms of proving the possibilities provided by recycling.

 Vision is a concept that develops with the values added to itself and is constantly moved to a different point. As EAGD, we have a dynamic structure with up-to-date visions. The most accurate evaluation of electronic waste is a permanent part of our existing vision. Although the disposal of donated wastes or their repair and bringing them together with computer classrooms seem like two different activities, they are the products of a common vision that supports each other immensely.