About E-waste

About E-Waste

We should say the following about e-waste; E-waste is among the materials that need to be recycled, such as other materials that need recycling and production outputs in the world. Due to the raw materials and chemicals it contains, it is essential for electronic waste to enter the recycling process in terms of public and environmental health.

EAGD examines the main topic about e-waste under five sub-headings:

What is Electronic Waste?

Damages of Electronic Waste

E-waste in Turkey and in the World

Why should e-waste be recycled?

IT Consumption and Electronic Waste

  From the first to the fifth heading, the subject starts from the basics and progresses by detailing the necessary headings. In order to master the subject of “Information Consumption and Electronic Waste” and to have knowledge in this field, it may be necessary to answer the question “What is Electronic Waste” fully and competently. There is no single step in all matters, especially recycling processes. There is a transformation and acquisition process consisting of many different parts. In areas where there are cumulative processes, it is necessary to divide the event into smaller meaningful steps in order to be able to analyze scientifically and to understand the process better. We can say that this point of view is the basis of the scientific point of view.

Every technological revolution has positive and negative consequences. All technological revolutions have caused permanent changes in the life of humanity. The discovery of electric current, its ability to be manipulated and associated with equipment is one of the turning points in the development of humanity. Imagine how much a momentary power cut restricts you today. Even a one-hour power cut puts you in a difficult situation in your daily life. After all, these are partial cuts. For example, if your phone has a charge and the base stations are working, you can access the internet or continue communication despite the power cut. What allows us to continue communication is the continuation of the service of the electric-based vehicles.

 The electrical revolution that radically changed our lives has its counterparts in the hardware area. Countless hardware, such as computers, phones, tablets, which are equivalent in your daily life and that you cannot think of now, have existed thanks to the electrical revolution. These equipment are not tools that can be simply thrown away or destroyed in terms of the chemicals and components they contain. All this e-waste needs recycling.

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